Testimonials from ecademy

I needed some help on a VAT issue that we were facing. Edward very kindly pointed us in the right direction.

Further discussion on the issues that businesses face, clearly demonstrated that Edward fully understands the options available to help SME’s.
If your business has VAT problems or has funding issues, I would strongly recommend that you speak to Edward.


Sean McCloskey IFA 18 Dec 2009


Edward is a regular, valued and supportive Weybridge Ecademy member. At the last minute today, he has also been able to provide a projector to help make our speaker's presentation possible. Edward - you're a star! I owe you a drink!

David Nunn 30-Jun-08 2:47pm


Edward has helped me so much - his help was invaluable for me and a very friendly and approachable chap! Thank you Edward you are a real credit to ecademy! Now I have my CV all ready to send to agencies!

Jayne ‘Corsets & Lingerie’ Laine 16-May-08 3:59pm


I enjoyed being with Edward tonight at an IBD Event in Surrey, he was a tremendous asset to have by my side. I learnt a great deal about him tonight and can see what fantastic value he must be to his clients, his skills are so needed in the complex business world we live in and I will be advocating him in the future.

Penny Power 8-May-08 10:29pm


A true sharer! Thanks for the pricing time spreadsheet!

Mel Kenny IFA 20-Nov-07 1:16pm


All credit to Edward for offering Ecademy members the free spreadsheet to calculate the hourly rate to charge. It works beautifully! I've used other calculations and come up with similar answers. Yours is easy to work through and leaves you in no doubt about how to value your time.

Rosemary Parr 9-Nov-07 3:11pm


Edward recently offered members a free spreadsheet to calculate what hourly rate to charge when you become self-employed, to match your previous salary. A very useful tool, thanks Edward!

Jackie Barrie 8-Nov-07 8:14am


I have known Edward for a number of years and he is a trusted business partner. He gets things done and is ever helpful. You should get to know him.
Thanks for your help Edward.

David Duncan 30-Jul-07 8:23am


I have only met Edward twice but each time we have met I have found him very helpful and supportive in both his manner and his advice. Edward is generous with his time, expertise and network. Thank you Edward

Kate Newman 5-Jun-07 4:39pm


Edward is extremely knowledgeable about business, accounting, company formation and tax. He addresses the problems in your business in a clear, forthright way and with a nice sense of humour. Thank you for your help, Edward.

Gerard Gregg-Smith 20-May-07 6:18pm


I met Edward at E-Wokingham evening (when he once choose to miss choir on Thursday evening).

We did one exercise together and he gave me two valuable suggestions.
First one was my Unique Selling Point - Which is that I am only Passion Test Facilitator in Wales, Scotland and England, which I now use regularly.

Second is that I could do monthly speaking at Ecademy events. Tonight I am having intention to speak to Thomas and Penny Power and enquiry about it. Thomas and Penny Power are Life Members of XL Result foundation and I am too. Just meeting Edward once so far he made a difference in my life. Thank you Edward.

Marina Duskov 16-May-07 1:33pm Passion Test Facilitator


Edward is a warm, generous and professional man. He took time out of his busy life to come and offer advice and support, which I found immensely helpful. I liked his no--nonsense, straight-forwardness and his knowledge of financial management. A valuable person in my network. I look forward to working with Him in the future

Shelley Collins 14-Mar-07 11:28pm


Knows his stuff and then some. If you want accurate advice this is your man.

Kevin Golding 7-Oct-06 6:10pm


Edward is an interesting and highly qualified individual, he loves to sing and what he can't show you about your accounts system certainly won't be worth knowing! Do connect with him and help to show him around Ecademy.

Tessa Hood 4-Oct-06 2:43pm


I have known Edward for some time and would not hesitate to use his services. He is solid a reliable with a quiet sense of humour. He has lots of contacts so can get things done.

Terry Toms 19-Sep-06 9:31am


You are the greatest :))) You really do improve people's balance sheets :))

Elitsa Georgieva 7-Aug-08 2.50 pm